3rd primary school of Vrontados – Excursion to Katarraktis primary school

Full of enthusiasm we went today in the morning by bus to Katarraktis, a village in the south of the Island. In the primary school they had lots of Aquariums with different kinds of fish from Africa, Latin America or other Continents.

After the arrival in Katarraktis we first splitted us into two groups. With one group we first had a small break and some sandwiches at a Café shop close to the sea. There we played with the children and enjoyed also some small snacks. After that we went to the yard of the primary school and played some Ballgames during we waited for the other group until they finally finished their tour.

Full of joy we went into the yard of the primary school to a kind of small swimming pool filled with many fish. We got introduced to the different types of fish. Furthermore they informed us which kind of water they need and also about the different plants which grow there.

After that we had a small presentation about how the water gets filtered in the nature, but also how this process is working with a machine. Furthermore we heard about many different types of fish from all over the world. They also had them there in a different aquarium. At least we checked the water concerning the pH-value and some other interesting values. The conclusion was that every type of fish has or needs a different pH-value. One possibility is to control the ph-value artificially; the other way would be to put in different kinds of stones, who release different kinds of Minerals which affect the pH-value.

Full of knowledge about the great variety of fishes and their different living spaces and types of water, we drove back home. A bit exhausted, but very satisfied. Not only for the children, but also for us, it was a very nice excursion.

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