Pottery is not just pottery

On 20th of May the Second Primary School of Vrontados made a school excursion with all students and their parents and grandparents. The first destination was the handmade pottery establishments in the small village Armolia in the south of Chios Island.

The students saw how raw clay turns into beautiful pottery pieces. In fact they could see live the process how an artisan made a money box: first he cut the clay into it’s needed size, then he put it onto the spinning artifact and modeled the clay with his hands so it got more and more it’s final shape. Once this step was finished he let the clay dry.

Despite this very interesting process you can buy the finished pottery stuff in Armolia. There is also a nice lake with many beautiful dragonflies. The students, parents and grandparents were very interested and learned that pottery is not produced in a factory but is coming from people’s hands!

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