Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Chios City

The 2nd and 3rd class of the Second School of Vrontados had a day full of events, they visited the Archaeological Museum of Chios. The Archaeological Museum is a really worth visit place, offers to the visitor the possibility to know better the history of Chios and all the events that have occurred in the island. The museum has a big collection of Archaic, Prehistoric, Neolithic and Classical finds. All explain in Greek and English, so there is no doubt that the visit is obligatory for everyone who come to Chios Island.

The museum has a beautiful front yard with some of the finds, but also with trees and benches for admiring the finds and enjoying the explanations. The museum collections are very well organised and the building is quite new because the museum was renovated and reopened in 1999, though the museum exists since 1971.

Our students had a very good time in the museum, Miss Despina who works in the museum, explain to them in a very entertaining way all related with the finds that are in the glass cabinets and in the exhibitors. Our students made some very interesting questions and learned a lot about the Greek mythology and history. After the visit inside the museum, the students made a little theatre guided by Miss Despina and they had so much fun performing the roles of their characters, all the students participated and they represented the role of gods, kings or mythological characters.

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