OXI Day Celebration

On Sunday the 28th of October in Greece the “OXI-DAY”, the “NO-DAY” is celebrated in Greece. Greek prime minister Ioannis Metaxas said “OXI” to the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Mussolini on October 28th in 1940. As it is a very special day in Greece, also the primary school had its own celebration the Friday before/..

We had the opportunity to take part in this celebration, help with preparations and participate in the ceremony.

In the morning there was a ceremony in church, in which all the school participated. Afterwards the 4th class prepared a presentation about the history of this event and sang songs, where we accompanied them with the piano and guitar. It was a really interesting and nicely done with pictures and videos, so that we also learned a lot about the OXI-Day.

We also helped with preparing the laurel as a tribute to the statue of the “Unknown Sailor”, the emblem of Vrontados.

All the schools of Vrontados met there together to hold a moment of silence in commemoration to the many inhabitants who have lost their lives on the sea.

Part of the students will representational march in the parade, which will take place in Chios City on Sunday. We helped them with rehearsing. Usually the student with the best grades carries the flag, the others follow in rows of three. It was really interesting to see how certain guidelines they have for this parade and how patriotic the Greeks are on this day.

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