Excursion to the Beach

On the 21st of February 2012, the weather was already like in spring – after a period of rainy weeks. So, the teachers of the primary school decided to take advantage of this and to make an excursion with the whole school to the local beach Daskalopetra.

There, not only the long beach offers a lot of opportunities for the children to play, but also the basketball court and the playground were used by them to have lots of fun!

All along the beach the children explored lots of interesting things like an octopus, beautiful shells or flowers that grew besides the shore. They enjoyed playing ball games or skipping.

For us this day was also a great enjoyment to spend time with the children, playing and chatting with them and getting to know each other better. After this three-hours stay at the beach, we help the teachers to escort the children back to school.

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