Excursion to the Educational Museum in Vrontados

On the 12th of November the 3rd grade of the local primary school went to an excursion to the Educational Museum in Vrontados. We accompanied them, helped to keep them safe and quiet during their trip. Meanwhile we also learned a lot as we followed the guided tour with the children. The presentation of the tour guide was very interactive, she showed many things and chose an easy language so it was even possible to understand words and phrases.

We got to know the history of education, what kind of blackboards, chalk they used, how the classrooms looked like back then.

What kind of educational material there was and what kind of games the children played during their breaks.

What seemed to interest the children a lot, was that the children back then had common clothes and also that food always was already prepared for all the students at school and also what kind of food they had. They could not believe that there was not so much choice and variety of food.

It was also interesting to see that the school history did not really differ form the one we knew from our countries.

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