3rd primary school of Vrontados – Erasmus+ program, excursion day

The 3rd day of our Erasmus project week was under the topic explore Chios Island. Therefore we started quite early, but full of enthusiasm and anticipation, with our trip to the beautiful city of Mesta, located in the south of the Island. During the long trip with the bus, we were very happy to taste some small delicacy for the guests of the other countries. Finally we arrived in Mesta, overwhelmed from this beautiful medieval village we started our tour trough the city. The task of us volunteers was to help the group stick together in order to not get lost in this mazy village and make photos, but of course we had also our possibility to enjoy our staying. Mesta with its very old stone houses, small doors and narrow streets is one of the most beautiful villages on Chios Island. Therefore it was also the main attraction for our guests.

Our next stop was Pyrgi, another medieval village. The whole village is one piece of art. Nearly all of the houses are made from one gray cement, which is covered by white cement. Parts of it have been removed in order to have a kind of painting or pattering on the houses. One important thing for our friends was of course to take some small presents at home. Therefore we went in many touristic shops, in order to buy Mastic, small handicrafts made of clay or other small souvenirs.

The Mastic is one unique and for this Island very special product, which grow especially in the south of the Island. Also there is one very new museum on the top of one mountain with a very great view. The museum was very attractive, especially for the children, because they could explore the world of Mastic by watching and touching the way of production. In the outside we saw a small plantation with Mastic. Very inquisitive we wanted to start with the harvesting of the mastic tears, but at first we had to clean the place very well and take white chalk under the tree. After that we could start with our work and we cut the tree in order that it loosed its tears, the Mastic.
It was a quite long, but nice day until now and our guests were a bit hungry, so we went eating in Emporios, in the south of the Island. In Greece it is typical to share every plate with each other, which was unusual for our guests, but they appreciated it and enjoyed there meal with us. It was very interesting to talk with people from other countries and with other cultures how is life there and how their habits are. Moreover we went to Mavra Volia, a black stone beach close to Emporios. This was one very big attraction; especially the people from Italy enjoyed it very much. We wanted to stay a bit longer, on this beautiful beach, but the time was passing to fast and we still had to drive back to the north of the Island.

A bit exhausted but very satisfied we arrived in Vrontados. All of the people enjoyed this day very much and were impressed of this beautiful Island. It was very nice to see that we are all one Europe without barriers and bridges because we can laugh, travel and have fun together.

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