Oinousses, October 2017

Even in October it is warm and sunny on Chios island, so still perfect weather for a sailing trip to our neighbor island Oinousses. Together with our organization all of us volunteers sailed to the beautiful place, that most of us hadn’t seen before. During the trip everybody could improve his or her own sailing knowledge, whilst steering the boat, fixing the balloons or setting the sail.

The first impression after parking the boat at the port was really impressive. This impression lasted the whole day. Since the touristic season was over already, we rarely saw people on the streets and the beaches were completely empty, what intensified the feeling of being in paradise even more. We spent the day walking around, exploring the village, taking many photographs and enjoyed the nice views as well as the silence around us.

After some hours it was time to set sail again. It was a very nice trip and we spent a good time together. We’re looking forward to another visit already!

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