Celebration for the Οχι-day – Primary School in Nenita

On Friday the 27th of October the primary school in Nenita organized a theater for the celebration of the Οχι-day. Therefore all teachers, children and their parents met at the theater-room of the school.

Greeks are celebrating the resistance of the greek nation against the attack of the Italians on this day. The fourth class had prepared a sketch about it. They for example told poems and explained the meaning of this special “Οχι“. “Οχι“ means “No“ in greek and it’s the symbol for respectful contact with the neighbouring state and the non-interference. In the background of the stage you could see pictures from the war. The sketches were very informative and emotional. They showed different kind of situations from the war and how tragically it was.

After the sketches the sixth class came on the stage. They held the greek flag to honor the country. Then the whole audience stand up to sing the anthem together.

The celebration went very well and there was a good atmosphere. Also the children had a lot of fun and they were very proud of their performance.

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