2nd Primary School of Vrontados: Excursion to the airport and the fire department

The school year of the 2nd Primary School of Vrontados is slowly coming to an end, so the teachers planned an excursion to the soccer fields near by the airport of Chios for having one more highlight. Also we volunteers joined the children and took care of them during the day. All students had a lot of fun while doing sports, being active and playing. Most of all “fair play” and solidarity were naturally and automatically taught through team games and referees who paid attention that everybody was abiding to the rules. It was very nice to see the pupils supporting and cheering each other.

Moreover, the smaller children got the opportunity to visit the fire department. There, fire fighters were explaining them their tasks and the importance of their job – therefore all boys and girls got to understand the relevance of this public service. Very impressive were the big, red fire engines and it was even more stunning for the pupils when they had the chance to sit inside them and to take a closer look on the belonging equipment. Of course, also for all adults it was fascinating to listen to the professional’s explanations about their various tools and for what they are needed. Probably, the culmination for the first and second class was the huge water hose that they were even allowed to hold and with which they were spraying water in high arcs.

However, the older classes which were already visiting the fire departments in autumn spend some hours at the airport and the belonging meteorology station. In scope of our eTwinning-project “Mini Meteorologists”, we volunteers spoke already a lot about the weather and its phenomena in the lessons. For that reason, it was an amazing end of our project to experience the already received knowledge about meteorology in a practical way. Meteorologists were showing the students their measure tools for wind, air pressure, humidity, etc.

Subsequently, airport-stuff-members prepared a little guide through the airport for us. Thereby, the most impressive part for the children was the small helicopter that we were viewing. Furthermore, the control room was also causing a lot of enthusiasm. Through this experience the boys and girls developed an idea of the technical background at an airport.

Surely, it was a very informative and fun forenoon for all of us and a perfect combination between play, sports and education.

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