Lesvos 2017

A good reason to travel? A bank holiday of course. On February 27th 2017 the Greeks celebrated Clean Monday and we got the chance to go somewhere for three days. Well, we decided to pay Lesvos a visit, an island north of Chios. The idea and the planning was very last-minute. In the end, we were seven people which didn’t make looking for accomodation easier.

At 10am Saturday morning we set foot already on Lesvos. We walked to our appartments and went to explore Mytilene. The capital of Lesvos impressed with its amazing street art and its beautiful Greek Orthdox churches. Unfortunately, we had to accept that we wouldn’t be able to visit other parts of the island – no bus connections, expensive taxis and no rental cars under 25. Nevertheless, we explored Mytilene and its surroundings and asked locals for their recommendations. First of all, we took a bus to Panagiouda, a small coastal village north of Mytilene and enjoyed the sunny weather there. However, there was not much to see, especially because the tourist season had not yet begun. So we went back to Mytilene on foot. Later at night we had the best time eating Greek food in a traditional tavern.

On the next day we enjoyed our breakfast on the balcony of one of our appartments and started the morning slowly. That day we went to the main sight of Mytilene, the castle. We even visited the archeological museum which was really interesting. As it was the last day of Greek carnival we also experienced a parade and the celebrations. We especially enjoyed going out that night surrounded by many people in costumes and made some new friends.

On the last day we strolled around the city and saw the traditional Clean Monday family kite festival at the castle. Later we spent some time in a café where we invented our own game containing “Taboo”, pantomime and elements of “Activity”. With our backpacks we boarded the ferry in the evening and went back to Chios.

It was a nice adventure and we got to know each other a lot better by making amazing memories together. No, man?

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