Istanbul 2015

Since we can even see the Turkish coast from our house we were really curious about this country and decided to spend one week of our Easter vacation there. On Sunday after the Rocket War we quickly packed our backpacks and got on the evening ferry to Çeşme which took only around one hour to bring us to what felt like a different world.

Our friend there picked us up right from the port and toghether we walked through the city a little bit and visited the street bazar. Then we took a small bus to the small village Alaçatı nearby Çeşme where we would stay until lunchtime on the next day. It was just a wonderful place. We had a big Turkish dinner with our friend’s family and spent the rest of the time just walking around the beautiful streets with individual restaureants, flowers and creative cafes.

On the next day we went to Izmir by bus and then took the plane to go to our final destination: Istanbul. We spent a couple of great days there, with our friend from Istanbul who showed us many nice places and explained the Turkish culture a little bit to us. We visited Ayasofya, an old mosque which is really big and looks fascinating from the inside. Of course we also went to the Grand Bazar and the spice market, we visited the Blue Mosque and did a day trip to one of the beautiful islands in front of Istanbul.

We really enjoyed our time in Turkey and are would love to come back to learn more about this interesting culture, which is in some things so similar to the Greek one but also so completely different. The places we saw are beautiful and especially the kindness und hospitality of the people we met impressed us very much.

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