2nd Primary School of Vrontados – A Storyteller in School

On Friday 5th of May, Sassa Voulgari, a storyteller coming from Athens, performed in front of the children in the school library.

Firstly A’, B’ and Γ’ classes and later the remaining ones had the pleasure to listen to her enchanting stories about princesses, kings, castles, sailors, birds and beautiful landscape and non-corresponded love.

Her performance was divided into 4 parts and after each story the children were eager to hear to a new one. She begun by telling that when she was a child, before TV, she used to sit together with other children every evening and to listen at different stories under a feeble light.

As a real actress, she not only used her voice but she performed all through her body, her movements and her face expressions to entertain the children and make them interested in the fascinating stories that she was narrating.

Although her voice was already engaging with its different tunes, sounds and songs, throughout her performance Sassa Voulgari used various and atypical musical instrument to accompany her enjoyable voice, this brought the children even more inside the fantastic landscapes and the worlds she was narrating of.

At the end of her performance she invited everyone, children, teachers and parents to her performance in Vrontados theater on the weekend.

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