The Christmas Play

As a highlight of all our aid in preparing and organizing some different costumes alone and together with the children for the right time, training with them the Christmas songs and their roles and dances for the already advertised highlight: the Christmas Play.

On the 20th of December every costume was ready and prepared so that we all could concentrate on the imminent play. Both, the children and the responsible teacher were very excited because this play was open for relatives but also every interested person as well so that we, the volunteers, could bring some calm and of course more help for the final rehearsal and the play in the evening. Like it always should be nothing really went correct but it put us in a happy mood that in the evening everything just could be better.
The play started with an older class with some traditional English Christmas songs to put us all in a Christmas mood, with success because not only we, as the volunteers felt more Christmas even the audience started to sing and to sway to and fro in the rhythms of the songs. Then the smaller classes presented a really funny play with  Santa Clause who was parking in a stopping restriction and because the policeman saw his reindeer he threatened Santa to go to prison if he will not remove his car in the next two minutes. Santa had to go into the house to put his presents but unfortunately he prompted the alarm and also these people were angry about the intruder. After Santa could prove his Santa Clause identity in the court, everything went correct so that we had our happy- ending.

To emphasize this harmonic atmosphere in the hall of the P.E.K.E.V. house, the third class presented a dance with harmonic music and dressed in angel costumes. Meanwhile these dances of robots and even the trolls the religious and traditional Christmas story was told and acted by the fourth class dressed as Kings and Maria and Joseph. Finally, the younger classes started to sing a traditional song and the audience repeated these verses so that the whole hall finished the Christmas Play.
After this, when the lights were on and the children put off their costumes, the started to play on the stage absolutely free and all the pressure of the last days went away so that we all could look forward our personal Christmas events in the following vacations.

For us volunteers it was a lot of fun to be part of the play and even though we had a lot of work to do in the last week before the vacations, it has been our personal highlight to see the children with the costumes and to see that our help is so important and necessary for the local primary school that they even thanked us in front of the audience before the whole play started. Additionally after this play we really felt in the Christmas mood that we forgot in all the organisation work the days before. To sum it all up, it was a really nice experience to be part in a Greek Christmas play.

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