Primary School of Nenita – Bicycle Park and Farkaina Playground

On Friday 28 April the first three classes of the primary school went on a little adventure. Three teachers, one volunteer and 33 children got on a bus that would bring them to two places on the island. Because it was really hot that day every child had to wear a hat.

Our first stop was the Bicycle Park which is a small area where they built streets with roundabouts, crossroads, zebra crossings and a lot of street signs. On bicycles the children could drive through the park and learn how to react to all those markings and signs without risking an accident with a car. But before they were allowed on the bikes one policeman talked with them about all these things and asked them many questions. Of course, the children waited impatiently for the moment when they could finally drive around with the bikes.

After this educative and fun start of the day we went to the Farkaina playground in Chios. It is actually a huge area that offers many possibilities. For example, an outdoor gym, a racetrack, a tennis court and of course a lot of play equipment for the children. They ran around there and played for two hours straight without anyone complaining about being bored.

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to go with them and I had a lot of fun with the children.

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