Day of physical education – Primary School in Nenita

On the second of October 2017 the School of Nenita had organized a day of physical education. The whole school met in front of the building and the sport teacher had prepared some games for the children. The first and second class started, after them the older classes continued.

The children mainly played running-games so they could let out their energy. One game consisted out of a slalom parkour and the children had to pass it and tipp with a piece of wood on the other side of the playing ground. Then they had to run back to their group to bring the wood to the next person of their team. That way the students trained their team spirit by cheering to their team members.

In an other game one child from each team got a number. The two teams sat in front of each other at the end of the playing ground and in the middel there was placed a piece of wood again. The teacher shouted out a number and the child who was allotted to this number had to run into the middel to get the piece of wood before the other team does. The one who got the wood first had to bring it back to their team. In the meantime the opponent tried to catch him.

After the games the “Day of physical education” continued in the classrooms. The children from the first class coloured animals like “Donald Duck” who were doing different kind of sport and also a medal for their participation of this day.

In the last task the children were watching a movie about the Olympic disciplines, showed by Donald Duck and in the older classes a movie with “Asterix & Obelix“.

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