Excursion to the Mastic Museum

At the beginning of September, the whole school of Nenita made an excursion to the Mastic Museum in the South of Chios. The museum organized an open day especially for the primary schools.

An artistic group prepared a kind of theater for the children. They told fairy tales in three different places in the facility and used instruments, like ukulele, tympanum and flute to make their stories more exciting. Additionally they sang songs where the children could sing along with them and clap to the rhythm. For one fairy tale the children were separated in groups and had to look for clothes in the garden of the Mastic Museum. These clothes the storytellers used for their last fairy tale which was similar to the fairy tale of “The Puss in Boots”.

After the theater the children watched a movie about the process of mastic, starting with how to get it from the trees.

The children had a lot of fun, especially during the theater and enjoyed the excursion a lot.

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