The 25th of March

Two days before the 25th of March, the Greek Independence Day, the students of the 6th class of the primary school performed a play to tell the story behind this national holiday. The whole school was invited to watch their performance in the P.E.K.E.B. builiding, so we escorted them down there.

Already at the entrance we were welcomed by three of the 6th graders, who handed out the program.

The children performed different dances, which we have seen them practice in previous sports lessons. Along with that  they had a presentation on the screen of historical pictures.

The four girls represented the countries Austria, Greece, France and Russia.

Also the parents and grandparents came to watch the play as well. The 6th grade put a lot of effort into this play and everyone seemed to have enjoyed it very much. It was also very interesting for us and we were looking forward to the parade on Sunday even more.

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