Kyria Sarakosti

We made Kyria Sarakosti together with the children of the 2nd class. They had fun taking part in this activity while we had the great opportunity to learn more about the Greek culture.

Kyria Sarakosti is part of the Greek Easter tradition. Her mouth is hidden behind a scarf because she doesn’t eat meat and doesn’t say bad things during the time before Easter.¬†Her dress is very colorful and decorated with hearts and flowers, because it is spring and you should do and say a lot of good things during this time.

The special thing about this woman is that she has 7 legs representing the 7 weeks until Easter. This are not only feet of humans, but also of animals like a pig or a hen.

Each week one leg is cut off and the person that does that keeps the leg which is supposed to bring luck. We had the honor to take of the first leg of the 2nd classes Kyria Sarakosti.

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