School Opening – Nenita

On the 11th of September the school started in Nenita, Chios. At 9 am all students with their parents met in front of the school. The first day of school is always ‘celebration day’. Therefore they had an extra ceremony with a priest. The students formed lines, starting with the first class, then the second class and so on and the teachers went to their classes to welcome them. During the ceremony the priest prayed and blessed every child and the school for the upcoming school year.
When the ceremony was over, the new headmistress had her speech. She introduced herself and informed the parents about changes in school and the timetable, especially for the first week.

After the long summer holidays, the teachers mainly tried to get the students used to school again. They talked for example about friendship and started to calculate and to write again. To make it more interesting the teachers try to combine games with learning or creating an acceptable mix of it. Often they also use handicrafts for their lessons.

In the first class the children are learning about the rules of school. At the beginning specifically for them it is difficult to be quit and listen to the teacher for such a long time, because it is a completely new area. That’s why the teacher tries to present every task as a game to have fun with it.

In general the first week went very well. Every morning at 8.15 am. the children form lines like on the first day and pray together with the teachers and the headmistress. Then class after class goes to their classroom with their teacher and start their lesson.

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