Christmas in the kindergarten

Christmas time is a magical time with sweets, stories and small presents. Also the children at the kindergarten had four weeks full of beautiful Chrisstmassy actions. So we volunteers had a great time in which we could learn and help a lot, too.

What would be Christmas without festive decoration? Together with the children we crafted a Christmas tree for the window and a Advent wreath for the door. Instead of using brushwood the children cut their hands out of green paper and decorated it with colorful paper balls and stars. Also they made a sweet rock candy with their fingerprints and painted many winter and Christmas pictures. After some days the room looked cosy and everyone got a warm feeling if he went inside. On the window you could find Santa Clause with his sleight and from every lamp was hanging a beautiful star.

During the lessons the children sang a lot of songs. Some of them were complete new for us volunteers and gave us a nice, different feeling from Christmas but other songs we had known before and it was interesting and funny to sing them in the Greek language. Also the children read some short stories like from a witch who does’t like the sound of the bells and the native Christmas story. Of course everyone was waiting for Santa Claus. So that he will not forget someone, every child painted and wrote a letter for him and put it in the crafted letter box.
The most important part of the time was the preparation of the Christmas celebration with the play. Every child played a short role in it and we practiced a lot. After learning the words and lyrics of the songs we went to the drama room and trained the movements and small dances. We volunteers also helped the children to speak with the microphone and crafted some costumes and props. Also we made music with the kids and prepared a song with the ukulele. Just as there is no celebration or drama without guests. To invite them we made modern Christmas cards and the children painted their massage inside. At five o’clock in the afternoon of the 15th of December every chair was taken and many parents and grandparents were waiting for their small actors. Behind the stage the children felt like stars in their beautiful dresses and suits and were high motivated and of course a bit nervous. All scenes run perfect and the house felt, laughed and clapped with the kids.

For us volunteers it was a very beautiful, thankful, interesting and amazing Christmas time. We had a lot of fun with the children, were often surprised about their good ideas and will remember it with pleasure.

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