1st and 2nd class of primary school in Nenita – excursion to the History of education museum

In January the 1st and 2nd class of the primary school in Nenita had an excursion to the museum of History of education in Vrontados.

The children were very excited about this trip. At 9 o’clock in the morning a bus took us to the museum.

After a short break with some snacks the children were full of energy again and ready for our tour through the exhibition.

Our guide told us a lot of interesting facts about how the school was in the past and which big changes there have been, compared to nowadays. We stopped at different spots to have a closer look on the old school books, school cloths, school bags, school tables,… We got to know how the children and teachers used for example their slates and quills to write.

One of the highlights has been an old class room where the children sat down. This way they got a good feeling about how the lessons were in the past. The guide showed old school utensils and also the big black board of the teachers.
Furthermore, the guide explained how the students learned the alphabet by presenting a table.
Later the guide showed one letter and the children had to shape it with their bodies.

After our tour we watched a short movie to get to know more details of the history of education.
In the end the children colored students which were pictured on a paper they received. They really enjoyed this creative part of the excursion.

All in all the excursion went very well. The children had a lot of fun and got to know new facts about the history of education.

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