Kindergarten Nenita – Candyland

The Kindergarten in Nenita is a charming place where children have fun.  Our volunteers tried to help the teachers and also enjoy with the kids.  They started to work there from the beginning of September.

This is a wonderful place. We can find paintings of trees shaped as lollipops, clouds like cotton candy and birds like flying sweets on the fence. Also on the walls are many fantastic paintings representing the forest and life in the sea.  It looks like a magical land.  Everything was painted by our volunteers. They have a huge imagination and a lot of ideas so it is just the beginning…

They  are also making things in paper. After, this is used to decorate the classroom or for the children. They made cats and dogs as  paper puppets, ,  colorful owls with leaves as wings, funny squirrels,  frogs with huge eyes, and amazing pencils with children’s names.

Volunteers  cooperate with the  lively κυρία Maria and kind κυρία Athena. They help  them in the activities with children every day.  Since the morning kids have a funny time. They can play board games or puzzles also they  play with the computer  and they read books in the small library in the corner. Kids  recreate real life in the plastic kitchen , they paint on the easel and this is the funniest moment because they can pretend to be some artists like Picasso.

Between fun and the meal time children and volunteers take part in the lesson. First of all one kid always count the others  and change the days of the week  on the cupboard.  After they  check  the weather.  Then  they get to know about the colors, they did many exercises about it. They just used brown  crayons or just yellow markers because it will be easier to remember  for them.  They also learnt  the alphabet or the numbers . The last time the teacher showed  them a presentation about animals. After the children danced and sang a song.

During the breakfast kυρία Maria usually turn on some songs for kids about vegetables, numbers or seasons.   Sometimes they watch a movie,  the last time they watched ‘Dumbo’. This movie is about a little elephant which has big ears and others animals ridiculed him, but in fact he is capable of flying by using his ears as wings. After the movie or the activities the kids clean the tables and go outside to play.

The playtime is the best because children can enjoy the fresh air and play different games. Kids can swinging on a swing and ‘cook’ in the plastic house, pretending they are a big family. They also run around,  pick flowers  and much more things.  They are never bored because they are always so creative.

For the volunteers is a pleasure to work in this kindergarten. They love playing with children and helping κυρία Maria and  κυρία  Athena.  This place is marvelous  and lovely, counts with a nice atmosphere. Teachers have sense of humour  and  much interesting and educational ideas. Kids are really cute and they have much positive energy. It is the best place ever!

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