Painting in the schools in Vrontados

The school year has started since a while and of course the volunteers of Vrontados have started their big adventure: being teacher assistants in the primary school!

This task concerns many different things, and October was apparently the Art month! Why? Because we had the opportunity to use and develop our painting skills to create a big mural in the 3rd school. The back yard looks so colorful now! We wanted to draw something that could represent the world of sports; therefore the painting represents the Olympic Torch, carried by an athlete. The torch’s flame generates six big color stripes, which end in five circles: The Olympic Flag’s circles. Three days of work, colorful varnish and hard (but pleasant) work were all we needed to convert the white wall in a happy and colorful drawing. We hope the children will enjoy this view and remember their dear volunteers every time they look at it.

Also in the 2nd primary school our volunteers have painted. Two flowerboxes were filled with colors, flowers and landscapes: A tropical beach, flowers, butterflies, sunny sky and an alpine landscape were the subjects this time.

Honestly we have to say that we really enjoy painting!


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