3rd Primary school of Vrontados International dances

As you probably know we are a team of international volunteers from all over Europe, currently consisting of people from Austria, Germany, Norway and Spain. That is the perfect precondition for what we planned to do: teach the children of the 3rd primary school of Vrontados traditional dances from our home countries. So we started with researching the dances and practicing a lot until we were finally confident enough to share it with the children in the sports lessons.

The oldest ones, the 4th, 5th and 6th class started to learn traditional African dances. We put together two different choreographies for them that the children obviously enjoyed very much. They practiced with so much enthusiasm and energy that they made good progress after only a few lessons. Aside from that they also learned a lot about African culture and music and were truly impressed by the photos of traditional dresses.

After this successful first attempt of being dancing teachers we were even more encouraged and started to teach a German dance to the 1st and 2nd class which the children also liked very much. They had so much fun and laughed a lot while trying this unfamiliar dance. Even in the breaks we sometimes saw them practice on their own and we were so proud when we finally saw the impressive result: The little children managed to dance the whole choreography alone!

The next step will be to show the 3rd class how to dance a Spanish dance. Once again we practiced a lot and are curious weather the children will like it. In any case, we had a really good time with them and are very proud of their success.

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