3rd Primary School of Vrontados School Wall Paintings

Some months ago, Kostas, the director of the 3rd Primary school of Vrontados, had the nice idea of creating a big wall painting to improve the appearance of the school. We researched and looked for some inspiration and decided together with the school to paint the four seasons of the year.

Unfortunately, there was a really bad weather situation, so we were not able to start until the end of April. The sun finally stayed and we began to make some drafts. We measured the area and divided it into four parts, each one for a season. The children helped us in their breaks to paint the background, thus we were really fast! The students were really exited about the winter wonderland because on our island children never see snowed in streets, fields and mountains, besides they experienced some winter holidays with the family in northern countries.

The pupils had some nice ideas and drew for example a cute duck in our lake of the summer season themselves!

Because the people were pleased with our work, we painted another painting on the library’s wall. It is a pattern with different colors between the two doors of the building. We framed the doors with cirrus, flowers, etc.

The children were again in the painting team and filled the pattern with color.

In the end we finished two big paintings which are a product of creative heads’ collaborative work. Everybody thanked us and congratulated us for our work. That’s what made us proud and proves that we do a good job here.

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