3rd Primary school of Vrontados We gussied up the Schoolyard!

During the last weeks we had the task to paint some nice games in the schoolyard of Vrontados’ third primary school. To paint the games we had some brushes, colors, chalk and a rope to draw the circles as round as possible. At first we always drew the games with chalk. When we were happy with our sketch we continued with repainting it with the real color. Some children helped us to paint the game “Twister” by drawing and coloring circles. In teamwork and with lots of fun we finished this game in one day.

In the following week a labyrinth, a jumping game, an alphabet snake, a ladders and snakes game as well as a compass were finished. We worked in harmony and everybody had a task.

In their breaks the children eyed up our work and racked ones brains what we probably were drawing. We liked to see that the children were curious and that they wanted to play with our games even if we haven’t finished yet. So we often had to protect our work from them. Nevertheless we finished every game successfully.

For us it was great to hear that they liked the paintings. Even the teachers took photos and told us that we did a good job. Now the school looks much more colorful and children are playing with the games in their breaks.

This is what makes us happy – to see that people like and honor our work.


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