Holiday Work in School

Even in the time of the long summer holidays of the pupils we volunteers are active in the Primary School. That means that we on the one hand work to renovate the school and the garden, on the other hand to play with children.

Every day from Monday to Friday the school ground is open in the evening and many pupils and their friends come to play with us. It depends from day to day how many children are joining. Sometimes there are only a few children, other days there is a really big group and even more volunteers are playing with them. Of course we are not only playing there, we also take care of them and protect them from danger.

For us it is not only fun and social life, we also improve our Greek skills a lot. On the one hand we’re playing many new games and the children have to explain them to us. On the other hand we have to organize the different games and therefore we need Greek. Like youngsters are, they don’t find a solution that pleases everyone. Because of this we have to discuss in Greek and participate in many games, due to we have the change to learn new words.

In addition, we spend much time in the school garden to improve it’s visional attractiveness, but also to give the children of the primary school the possibility to learn in a more funny and playful way.

How do we improve the garden and how we give the children these kinds of possibilities?

We, the volunteers, agreed to lay bricks into parts of the garden, but not in a straight line. We decided to give the way we lay the bricks a waved shape to make it more attractive and eye-catching.

Also we scatter seeds in the garden to grow some beautiful and colorful flowers to give the garden some friendly mood where the youngsters have a great feeling to be in the nature.

Furthermore, we prepare chairs with colors. We paint them at first with protective coloration to let the chairs live longer and protect them from rust and other attritions. After this coloring we paint them with many different colors and patterns to make them beautiful and fun to sit on.
These chairs will be placed in the garden in different kind of orders and number. For example, we will create groups of two to five chairs. This kind of order offers the teachers new possibilities to teach the children for example mathematics. It can be taught in a very playful and funny way so that the children don’t get bored by learning for example counting.

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