3rd Primary school of Vrontados Baking bread

During the last couple of weeks we had a project with the children of the 2nd class in cooperation with their teacher. We wanted to give the children the possibility to try out and get familiar with traditional bread from different countries.

So we started with traditional Greek bread which some of the children’s mothers kindly offered to bake with them. Then, one week later we continued with the Spanish bread “Mollete” which is small and mostly used for toasting. The word comes from the Spanish word for fat cheek. Even though we had to face some difficulties with the dough it turned out really well and the children liked it a lot. Next was traditional German bread with many different kinds of seeds which is really easy and fast to make.

As the Christmas time finally arrived we also made the Spanish Christmas bread “Roscόn de Reyes” and the German “Christstollen” with the children of the 2nd class. The shape of this traditional German Christmas bread is supposed to remind people of the Christ child in the swaddling clothes. The 2nd class also enjoyed these country specific specialties a lot and we were happy to share something from our home countries with them!

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