Schools of Nenita – To the North

Every year before the summer holidays most schools go on a „big excursion“. Why “big”? Because this excursion, unlike others during the school year, lasts the whole day. What really surprised us was that every child was accompanied by a family member, so per child it was at least a mum, a dad, a grandmother or another relative.

With three busses and a few cars we went on our journey. The first stop was Daskalopetra, a beach in Vrontados. They have a big, colourful playground there where the kids can spend an amazing time.

Our second stop was the Monastery Panagia Myrsiniotissa. We also got the chance to walk inside this amazingly beautiful building.

Our last stop was Lagada where we enjoyed seafood next to the ocean. We spent quite a lot of time there – some children tried to catch fish, others fed the ducks.

It was a great day and time seemed to fly by.

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