Christmas celebration theater – 3rd primary school Vrontados

On the 21st of December we had a great Christmas celebration in the Theatre called PEKEV in Vrontados. The 2nd class of the 3rd primary school in Vrontados prepared, together with the volunteers and the teachers, one very nice interpretation from the famous play “the nutcracker” from E. T. A. Hoffmann.
The sketch was about Christmas Eve. Clara and her family had some visitors of her friends, who all distributed her presents. One present she received was a special nutcracker. When all the people went asleep, Clara was still awake, playing with and looking at her nutcracker. Suddenly, it broke and many mice started running around. A fight between good and bad started; the mice were fighting against the army of the castle. The nutcracker turned out to be an enchanted prince in whom Clara fell in love with immediately.
During the acting on stage the children were a lot more nervous then in the general probe, but in order to avoid mistakes, to take the nervousness from the children and to experience the life as an actor, we had many probes before. Not only in the theatre, but also in school, the children were very dedicated into this sketch.
Especially for us volunteers, because we were many times next to them and tried to support them as much as we could, it was very interesting to see how much effort the small students put into this sketch. They performed without microphone or any other tools, which helped them, but in a very professional way and on a very professional stage. The decoration on the stage was also made by the volunteers. Furthermore we managed the light, the sound and the curtains of the stage in order to have the best out of this performance.

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