Mesta and Pyrgi 2018

How not to take advantage of an almost spring day in Chios island to visit and discover some beautiful places set in time like the medieval villages of Mesta and Pyrgi, located in the south of the island.

Mesta has an architecture dating back to the Byzantine era as we noticed in the big church walking in the main square. To defend themselves against pirate attacks the whole village was built with the structure of a castle in which the houses, one attached to the other, have the function of fortified walls. Everything is preserved as centuries ago and it is nice to get lost between its narrow streets.

In the nearby village of Pyrgi it’s impossible not to be enchanted in front of the building’s facades, decorated with black and white geometric shapes using the sgraffito technique. Another testimony of the Byzantine domination is the temple of the Agioi Apostoli dating back to the 14th century.

Moreover you can’t miss these village if the mastic is your passion. In fact both Mesta and Pyrgi are linked to a long tradition of producing mastic, as you can also try in your Greek coffee.

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