If you are up for a nice region with much historic and cultural background I have exactly the right thing for you: The Kampos area!
Kambos is located in the south side of Chios Island and is definitely one of the must see spots here. Is has always been and still is a special place for various reasons:

What catches immediately the eye of a visitor is of course the unique architecture! The huge houses in Kambos are impressively built out of red stones and combine architectural forms and features from various historical periods. Most of these mansions have been restored and have marble pillars, large balconies, a large gate which usually bares the family’s symbol, its own courtyard, blooming flower gardens, a wheel-powered well, and a cistern. The mansions are usually two or three-stored with wide stairs outside so that the central rooms could have a perfect view over the trees.

The region of Kambos is known all over Greece for having the best lemons, mandarins and oranges so if you buy any kind of citrus fruity stuff on Chios Island is comes most likely from Kambos. This is also the reason why the walls and fences are so high: to protect these valuable trees from dust and thieves. Thanks to the trade with their famous citrus fruits this area is very productive and the aristocratic families of Chios used to live there.
Today, in an effort to preserve this cultural inheritance, renovations have been completed and inhabitants have often taken up permanent residence again. As a result, the residence character of the Kambos mansions survived in a great extend, and in addition almost all the orchards are being cultivated again.
So don’t miss this impressive and interesting area and don’t forget to try the incredibly tasteful citrus fruits there!

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