Pyrgi 2017

Pyrgi is the largest medieval village of Chios island, located at a 25-kilometre-distance from Chios town. In general it is a very impressive and beautiful place with an interesting background.

When we had the change to visit the village, the buildings facades were the first things that caught our attention.
The decorative designs of the houses (ξυστά) make every house and this place in general very unique.

Whilst walking trough the streets we noticed the narrow roads and small bridges, which connect the houses and learned a lot about the history from our organisation.

We visited two churches, for example the church of “Agios Apostoles” and admired the different wall paintings inside.

Pyrgi is definitely a place, which is worth a visit.

We spent a beautiful afternoon together, walking around, rummaging through small shops and taking a lot of pictures.

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