Kindergarten on tour – puppet theater in Kallimasia

At the 25th of January the children of the kindergarten went together with the first three grades of the primary school to Kallimasia.

Because it was the first excursion of the school year every child was very exited and just going together with a bus was an adventure.

After we arrived in Kalimassia we went first to the Folkloric Museum. There we were very surprised about all the different objects of the everyday use of the Greek past. After we saw enough we sat down between all these amazing things and listened to a story the teacher was reading for us. Of course we needed a lot of energies for the second part of the day. So we did our breakfast between all the historic things.

After this we went outside and walked to the theater. What a luck that we arrived at first, so we got the best places in the first row. During the next hour we saw a beautiful black light show with wonderful puppets about the adventures of Theseus which was presented by the Kou-Klo theater of Crete. All children were riveted to their seats and wanted to help Theseus with many heckling. Until the end everyone was watching the play with high attention and it was a pleasure to make a group photograph together with the actors and puppets after the end of the show.

During the return journey all children were full of new impressions and of course a little bit tiered.

Also for us volunteers it was a beautiful and exiting day. Even thought we did not understand every word during the play we followed the story by their colorful pictures and it was a new experience to be outside the kindergarten together with the kids.

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