Kindergarten in Nenita

Our volunteers  are made many things in paper in the kindergarten in Nenita. After, this is used to decorate the classroom or for the children. They made

  • cats and dogs as  paper puppets,
  • colorful owls with leaves as wings,
  • funny squirrels,
  • frogs with huge eyes
  • amazing pencils with children’s names.

Also we told about  Day’s grandmother and grandfather. Children drow and learnt how to write these words. We created materials about the παππούς and γιαγιά. It was fun

They did face  leaves with big eyes and the kids painted the mouth

Children had topic about friendship the previous week. Volunteers created tree where children glued hearts with their name and name their best friends.

The last week we told about food. Children learnt fruits and vegetables. Volunteers did gymnastic with the children and then they did paper apples special for the kids.

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