Kindergarten in Nenita- Play for Christmas

Before Christmas holidays the children with the teachers prepared performance about the best time in the year. They practiced every day for all month. They wanted to be perfect and it was! The children had to know by heart their poems and traditional song from Chios.

We also helped in prepared. We prepared decoration in the background. It was three big posters with snowman, fireplace and with village.

I created dance choreography special for the children. They had really hard challenge but they managed.  Every child danced to another music. It was  my pleasure helped them because it was amazing  you could look at them. Children had beautiful costume. Girls had marvelous and shiny dresses and gorgeous hair. Every girls looked like real fairy or princess. So when they were dancing looked like on the bal. It was spectacular  view.

After finished performance children got  gifts and thunderous applause. Mums, dads, grandparents could not stop!!! But I understand this play was great!  Our performance remembered me that Christmas has magic power.


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