Kindergarten of Nenita Summer celebration

On 7 June the kindergarten already celebrated the end of the school year because the Greek summer holidays are very near. From Thursday 15 June no school will be open anymore.

We volunteers in the kindergarten were a big part of this celebration. We learnt the songs and choreographies with the children and did many colorful handicrafts to decorate the stage. It was a really special evening.

The songs we sang were from “Λάχανα και χάχανα” (Lachana ke chachana), a collection of funny children’s songs which we performed with dance moves. The costumes ranged from butterflies and sea urchins to old men. The whole performance was so cute and funny that a smile wouldn’t leave our faces. Later all the parents thanked us for our good work in the kindergarten that year and we were really happy to have met such amazing people and children during our stay on Chios.

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