Summer Activities 2017

During the summer holidays of the schools and the kindergarten our team of volunteers organized summer activities for the children in the villages Nenita and Katarraktis.

Five days per week for 2 hours in the evening we played different games with them, having a lot of fun together.

Nenita experiences:

The summer activities in Nenita took place on the schoolyard of the primary school of the village. There we have a basketball field and a small amphitheathre, were we mostly played ball and running games. When we entered the schoolyard, children were already waiting for us, proposing one of their favourite and most played games “Ninja”. Dancing and singing to the music, playing basketball or the typical greek game “Mila” and drawing nice pictures, the time passed always really fast and everybody had a lot of fun.

Every winner of one of the games received a star – drawn with coloured markers- so usually nobody returned home without some of them on the arms.

Katarraktis experiences:

In Katarraktis village we organized the activities in the building of the school theatre, where we had a nice room and also a small stage inside.

When the doors opened and music was played, the first children joined us already. We often played card games, since nobody got tired from playing them many times. Other activities were mostly ball games, dancing or making smaller handicrafts.

During the summer activities in Katarraktis and Nenita we had the possibility to get to know the children from school and kindergarten much better. It was nice to be a group with younger and older children as well.

A nice side effect was that we improved our Greek a lot, because the children tried to explain meanings of new words with their hands and feet while playing the different games. The children were happy to spend their freetime with us and it was always nice to see them smiling.

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