Summer 2016

For the summer 2016, after one year of a good cooperation with primary and kindergarten schools we start making activities in our villages where we work during the school year as assistant teachers offering to the teachers and children a safety place to learn and have fun: Vrontados, Katarraktis and Nenita.

Vrontados experience:

In the 2nd primary school with children from different classes and also from other schools we started activities in the afternoon to exploit the time to make intercultural learning but most of all to gather all these children to play together because they don’t have places to meet and play out of the school; so in our tasks we play different games with them and the children also help us painting the schoolyard. We make also new paintings to have the school more colorful but we also refresh the old paintings some former volunteers did.

The girls like to dance and sing so we make use of Just-Dance and with the help of the projector the girls repeat all the movements learning how to dance. With others we make games like “γάτα γατούλα τι χρώμα ζητάς..”, το ρολόι in basket, all together we play Basketball, Football, and many exciting paths and games with the ball.

Nenita and Katarraktis experience:

We have activities with the children every day.

Mostly we play a lot of games: team games, competitions, water games. Children love dancing and love playing with the ball. The games are very simple but they give to the kids and to us a lot of fun.

Summer will be for only 2 month, but is a lot of time to create and make many activities with the children.

We are realizing many ideas with them and we are very excited.

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