Summer Activities 2015 in Vrontados

This summer we went to the 2nd Primary School of Vrontados to do our summer activities with the children. From 6 to 8 pm we painted, played and danced with the children. Especially painting was a big part of the activities. We made the school more colorful and welcoming by painting different pictures on the walls and by refreshing the schoolyard paintings that former volunteers have made a few years ago.

We tried to motivate the children by being creative and actively participating in improving their own school’s appearance. Except of the walls we also painted big papers and chairs, where every child could put in its creativity and leave its signature. We always included the children in finding new activities. In this way we also got to know new games and improved our Greek. Sometimes we danced to just dance videos, sometimes we taught them our own choreographies and sometimes the children created their own dances.

Most of the time we played sportive games, like basketball and football, but also many others, like Diamonds, Flees and games that we know from our home countries. We had a lot of fun with the children and in a multicultural group of assistant teachers they got to know different cultures and habits in a very active and amusing way. Through our summer activities we volunteers help the local community by taking care of the children, transferring our knowledge and talents and entertaining the children at the same time. It was a great possibility to get to know the children better and to get more accepted in the community. We learned many new things from the children and enjoyed the interactive work.

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