Summer Activities Katarraktis 2015

Since we now split our team and some of the volunteers moved to Katarraktis, a village south from Chios City, we had to make a fresh start there. So when the summer started we contacted the teachers of the local primary school who brought us together with a group of parents. We proposed the activities we planned to do to them and they informed their children. Not long after that we were ready to start.

In the beginning we went for a walk through the village with the children and took some pictures which we later taught them to edit in different computer programs. During the next couple of weeks we also made short, funny videos with them, danced a lot, played football and other fun games together. Because we try to mostly speak English to the children they also improved their skills in this language and learned about the cultures of our home countries. We really enjoyed the time with the children and hope they learned a lot but also had fun with us!

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