New Technologies Activities 2014

In these New Technologies Activities our children will learn more about computer programs to edit photos, videos and audios for example with Audacity and also some internet tools like WordPress. They are very quick learners and they make an effort for keeping the level and our main task is teaching them and also make them have a good time.

To make it more interesting we take the children in the beginning of each week and make some photos of our beautiful island. Afterwards we work with them based on these pictures and show them how to edit and save them.

Our children are very hard workers so we have some results that we would like to show you some of their work, check out this links!

For seeing their works with WordPress:

Activity TES

Activity 1 TES

Activity 2 TES

For seeing their works with Audacity:

Our children tell us about their experiences in Summer

Our children tell us about the summer activities

For seeing their works Editing Pictures:

Some of our children edited pictures

Some of our children’s pictures

To see all the pictures go into our gallery!