Kindergarten Nenita

Time is fast. During two  mouths our volunteers made a lot of things for kindergarten in Nenita.

First of all our volunteers painted entrance to kindergarten. They refresh  old painting  in the main part  in front of kindergarten. They put new colors and now paintings looks wonderful. Volunteers  also changed stairs in galaxy. They painted planets, stars, comet, astronauts and many amazing stuff which universe contains. So now kindergarten has stunning yard where kids can playing and enjoying every day. Inside they painted walls and doors in the classroom. It was really fun because they painted inside kites and triangles constellations  for example lion.  For me amazing paintings are in the kitchen’s and bathroom’s doors. Volunteers inspired by one books from kindergarten’s  library. It is marvelous views.

Besides beautiful paintings they made a lot of handmade stuff.  Volunteers had a lot of ideas. They created decoration in  the classroom and they also helped the children. They prepare something and then kids  finish drawing  or painting.

Our volunteers made many things for decoration for example houses. They used rolls from toilet paper, cut roof  from paper and hanged on the lamps in the classroom.

They also created garage for small cars. I think it is very utility and looks amazing and cute. Small cars for small kids.

Volunteers love spent time with the children that’s why they sometimes create some things with plasticine for fun .

They created lovely pandas mum and son, sheep and penguin and also the children  made some beautiful animals, fruits and vegetables.

Of course besides games and entertainment kids have lesson where learn many useful things. Last time they had math lesson. Children learnt count from 1 to 10. Special for this occasion volunteers made paper blackboard with hands. Thanks for this now kid can see how much is for example 1+5.

On Wednesday 28th of October all Greece celebration Ohi Day. Teachers, volunteers  and children were preparing for this day. Volunteers made big drawings with date this day. They painted children’s hands and  made births which is symbol peace. Teachers with children prepared play about Ohi Day. For children it was stressed situation because it was public speech but they manage. This play for perfect.

One day volunteers with  teachers and children went to school watch puppets theatre. It was really funny. Kids were laughing during play. After performance five children went on the scene and actor showed  trick them how puppets move behind white screen. For kids it was amusing entertainment. They were interested in play and had a fun . They spent a nice time.

Sometimes when children go outside volunteers play with them.  One time they did gymnastic, they were jumping, running. It was very funny, and I think children had a fun.

The last time when one Polish volunteer was leaving, she proposed write letter to one boy who has cancer. Children were drawing  for him and then every drawing put inside the envelop and send to him.


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