Saint Tryphon Church-Primary School of Nenita

In the Primary School of Nenita (which is only 3 km from Kataraktis) we volunteers are working activly since already some months this year, helping the teachers during every lesson and trying to make the days of the children full of smiles, games and educational activities. So, as we know time flies and february is already here! And with february also some really nice and sunny days! The perfect time to go to an excursion!

After 15 minutes of walking from the school, we arrived to the Church of Saint Tryfon.Our destination was very easy to reach, but not for this less beautiful or interesting.

Saint Tryfon, Saint of the Hortodox Church, is the patron saint of the farmers and winegrowers. So maybe it is not a case the place where the Church is located, on a hill in the countryside around Nenita, right in front of the Aegean Botanic Garden.

At the entrance of the Church’s yard there is a garden with big trees and fresh green grass. Here the children could play the whole morning, enjoying the green nature and the sunny day. Football, hide and seek and many other games entertained children, teachers and volunteers! We could listen to the children singing songs and try to learn to sing in Greek, and get to know the children and teachers from classes different from ours.

The beautiful weather and the view of the bay and the calm sea were the perfect frame for the excursion. At the end of the morning we were all very happy, some children tired after the intense playing, but anyway everybody enjoyed.