Calendar Project

At the beginning of the year 2013, we started to prepare a new project: The Calender- Clock. With carton, different paper and many pencils in various colors we created a calendar with the children. It shows the four seasons of the year in the shape of a circle. The arrow in the middle can be moved so that the children are able to choose the right season.
They had to cut the paper, stick paper on the carton, subdivide the circle into four parts for each different season and fill every part with typical characteristics.

For the Spring ( η άνοιξη) they fold some flowers with little pieces of paper and painted something in the background.
The Summer ( το καλοκαίρι) was the most difficult part of the calendar. The pupils painted the background blue and stuck many pieces of blue crepe paper for the water. We also fold a little boat for the sea and created a fishing-rod with a little fish on it. Of course, you also need the sun for the summer, so we created one with yellow crepe paper.

The Autumn ( το φθινόπωρο) was much easier. The children had to stick leaves and a hedgehog – which they created – on the Autumn part.
For the Winter (το χειμώνας) the pupils painted the background with many snowflakes. After that, they created a snowman with a broom and they fold a hat for the snowman.

In the end we fixed the arrow in the middle with ribbon and so they were also able to hang the calendar on the wall. It was a nice project and the children were really proud when they finished it.

We had a lot of fun and the chance to learn many Greek words because every volunteer has done the workshop several times in different classes.

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