lesvosisland.info is a renewed, updated and expanded version of the old website made by former TES volunteers.
Our team translated also the missing parts of website’s articles into German, Italian and Polish, so for now the website is avaliable in 6 languages: English, German, Italian, Greek and Polish.
The main sections of the website are: The Island, with the informations about the history, culture, tipical products, and villages of Lesvos. This sections contains also the interactive map of the Island and the basic info about neighboring island – Limnos.

Transportation, with the updated timetables of the local buses and information how to get to the island. Accomodation – helps turists find the room in Lesvos. Sighseeing and Museums, with the articles about every place worth to visit in Lesvos, wheder it is a monastery, the museum, anciet ruins or the beach.

The website contains also the advanced, interactive gallery with the pictures from the island, and useful informations, like the numbers of telephones, that one can need during their holiday on Lesvos.