Carnival Masks

At the end of the winter season, shortly before the time around Easter, the fifth season starts, and though not particularly long, it is amongst the more colorful: It’s Carnival.

Though not on the same date like the Christian Carnival, the Greek Orthodox Carnival is much the same as its counterpart in many other countries. Also here people disguise their identity with fashionable masks, and in order to make the children not miss this sensation, we, the volunteers, helped in papercraft workshops in the school.

Not only did we design masks in different shapes and colors, but we also helped the children with copying them and aided in fixing them. This is not only important to not give the children’s identity away when the masks accidently slips, but also they must hold during the traditional dance the children will perform for their parents.

We are very happy to be able to help and learn about these traditions, and are looking forward to the performance of the small tigers, hippos, robots and much more.

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