Excursions to the Windmills

Some primary- school pupils of different age went on Monday, October 24, 2012 at 8:15o’clock to the windmills, located in the north of Chios by bus. Three volunteers of the “TES”- project were allowed to join in the pleasure trip to assist the teachers to watch the pupils that they stay closely the group and listen carefully.The atmosphere in the bus before the trip and back to school has been in the same wanton mood.

Arriving at the windmills, the whole group was shared into three smaller groups because the space in the windmill is not as generous as it looks like from outside. Also the volunteers had the chance to case the interior of the windmill. When the students stayed outside, waiting for their behind-the-scenes-tour, the most of them have started to eat their snacks, playing with their friends or took a look around.

In the windmills, the pupil were very interested in what the leader said about the different components of the windmill. The highlight consisted in the possibility to stimulate the windmill. After every group have enjoyed the trip into the windmill, a challenge of tug war next to it with a found rope took place.

When we all arrived back to school, the students went on with their lessons and the volunteers were free to go home. For us volunteers it has been a nice experience to get to know the pupils who helped us to improve our language skills practically and it was also nice to gain deeper insight into the work as a teacher.

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