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In the school year of 2011/12 we had the great opportunity to help at the local primary school of Vrontados. We were able to assist in many different subjects, such as setting up a Science Room,presenting European Countries to the children, teaching them Basic Computer Knowledge, accompanying them to various excursions or creating educational materials and crafts in cooperation with the teachers and children.

We also had the chance to participate in Cultural and Religious Events, for example in the Preparations for the Christmas Time and also with the Easter Celebration, baking traditional Easter biscuits together with the children and parents.

One very special experience not only for the primary school itself but especially for us as well, was theComenius Project that they are participating in. The final meeting of this two-year program was held in Greece. We assisted in the preparations, helping to teach the children songs and dances from the visiting countries and also during the Project.

We are very happy about these tasks at the primary school, as they not only allow us to offer our help to the local community and to share some of our own culture but also because they we get to be in closer contact with the Greek culture and learn more about it.